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What's In It For Me?

  •  Learn how to research your story so that its quality stands out...
  •  Discover the best ways to develop your story to enable it to become a resounding success
  •  Understand and learn creative processes that will help you to birth your story on screen, stage or page
  •  Know and implement the best publishing options to shortcut the online and offline jungles
  •  Connect with a community and professionals who can help you gain a wider audience for your work
  •  Attend special invitee only networking events dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling to broaden and deepen your skills and potential

If that sounds like you, then it's time to discover the best storytelling membership community around

Brilliantio is a unique community and membership that fosters the art, craft and appreciation of great storytelling.

Great storytelling brings you into a world of myth, mystery and magic. It invites you to suspend belief, and engage your curiosity, imagination and sense of discovery.

We believe in introducing the joys of storytelling to everyone. We provide as much free information and advice as possible to our community. This includes free live sessions with highly qualified instructor-guides.

 "Brilliantio Academy is off to a terrific start and promises to be a blue ocean of brilliant insights under the passionate leadership of Paul Jenkins.." 

James Milo
CEO and Founder, KnowledgePassion

 "Brilliantio is a breath of fresh air — a place where I can learn and grow as an educator and e-course developer with support and guidance from Brilliantio and others from around the world! At Brilliantio Paul Jenkins offers many valuable insights about identifying, crafting, publishing, and marketing the unique messages and stories we want to share with others. He also offers concrete steps and strategies to help each of us achieve personalized goals. Brilliantio is much more than a place of instruction. It is a place of welcome, inspiration and community." 

Susan Ramsay
Director, Inspired to Learn

 "Paul has a very broad view on and experience based knowledge of storytelling. If you need your story out there, whether it is on page, screen or stage, he gets you there. Fast, practical tech help, deep insight in the essence of story. If you want to accelerate your processes, whether creative or businesswise, just sign up with Paul. His vision is huge but realistic, and that breaks open your capacities to dream and act. Go!." 

Mirjam Van Der Zee
Connector, Mirjam Van Der Zee

 "The Brilliantio experience has been for me: compelling, eye-opening, motivating, inspirational and informative. What I have learned will change the way I write and structure course content from here on. I'm sure the best is still to come, and I can hardly wait!." 

Sue Moseley
Director, Moseley Multimedia Ltd

"Always keep in mind the three M's of storytelling: Myth, Magic and Mystery" 
Paul Jenkins, founder of Brilliantio

Who's behind this?

Paul Jenkins


Paul is an award-winning documentary film director with 20 years experience making films for the BBC, PBS, Arte and others. He established Brilliantio to help people to realise their storytelling potential. With over 26,000 students online in 151 countries, Brilliantio's mission is just getting started!

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